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List Pixel aims to be the go to resource for people wanting to learn about email marketing by providing them with high quality, accurate and helpful content.

Our Mission

The mission of List Pixel is to provide high quality, in-depth and easy to digest information for people wanting to learn about email marketing. You will find the information on List Pixel immensely helpful, insightful and sometimes even life changing.

Our Values

List Pixel believes in helping people learn how important email marketing is and build a strong foundation to their internet marketing business. We aim to provide trustworthy and accurate content that our readers can use to help grow their list and build a strong foundation to their business.

Carlos Garcia, who is the lead author of this website, has been working with email marketing for quite a while now. At the moment of writing this, it has been 11+ years of helping people with email marketing. Carlos considers himself a internet marketing coach who specializes in helping people build their email list.

We have helped thousands of people learn about email marketing. At List Pixel, we don’t encourage people to use tricks or be fake when it comes to email marketing.